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The Pondering of an Artist

A blog from an Artist’s Attic Studio.


Take a peek into my world, my observations and indeed my ponderings.

My blog posts are thought processes of the nature that surrounds us, our connection to Mother Earth and how it can enhance our lives. My posts cover many themes, but have creativity and a love of nature, the outside world and wildlife at their heart. My pondering has empowered me to promote a healthy mindful lifestyle and will hopefully inspire you in some way on your life journey.  Nature has the answers, if only we can stop a while and listen. Getting out in to nature has many healing benefits and is vital in maintaining good physical and mental well-being.


Please take a look through, have a read.  I also include lots of photographs and art work for you to peruse. Please feel free to connect with me for more information. I love to receive comments and will reply to you all. You can now subscribe to my website so you'll never miss a post. I will email you each month with new blog post notifications and new items that go into my online shop.

You can find me on:

TikTok -

YouTube - Purpleladybirdart

Substack - Purple Ladybird Art

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