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The Return of the House Martins & Swallows

Updated: May 26, 2021

They are back, swooping and diving in the fields, early in the morning and evening, turning sharply this way and that as they catch the flying insects. Their distinct chatter and twitters as they fly in and out of their cosy homes built under the eaves of houses.

The House Martins are fast and efficient workers and their new home was completed last spring in less than 2 weeks, using an abundant supply of nearby mud.

These little birds are amazing creatures. We all had our battles last year but the House Martins showed me just how robust and stoic they naturally are. After researching their migrating habits I have learned that these little birds winter in Africa. It’s thought that they congregate high over the rainforests of the Congo basin. They make this journey every year, after producing and raising at least 2 broods.

Swallows and House Martins are easily confused, they are fast little birds which makes it hard to capture their features. However, the swallow has a red throat and the iconic long tail. I have painted the swallow and there is a greetings card featured in my online shop. Keep a look out for the mounted print in the future.

Throughout these strange times I have had the time to really observe the wildlife and nature around me. What comes and goes with the changing of the seasons. Making me slow down and take the time to see what is happening on my little piece of Mother Earth. We can all do this. Take time outside to just be. Look up into the sky and listen. What can you see and hear in your reality?