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Take time to smell the roses…

Updated: Sep 15, 2021


Roses have been part of our history for many thousands of years. It is said that roses were first cultivated in Iraq in 2000 BC and well under way in China by 500 BC. A shrub that I started to grow in my garden more recently than that. A symbolic flower that has for centuries featured in poems, literature and art.

For millennia the rose has been known as the symbol of love. The rose is certainly a favourite of mine and I grow many varieties, my favourite being Emily Bronte shown in the photograph. These versatile flowers look amazing in the garden this time of the year or in a vase, giving hours of visual pleasure to me and my visitors. Its not only the stunning beauty of the rose but the exquisite, delicate scent that makes me pause, breathe and admire the qualities of this magical flower. I find the fragrance so soothing and calming. The rose has many benefits for our health, used in teas, tonics, syrups and preserves. The rose hips or the fruit of the rose is an antioxidant and high in vitamin C.

From May to August is the perfect time to walk out in nature and look for the native rose also known as Dog Rose. I have seen this rose rambling through the hedgerows and woodland. A wonderful sight of delicate pink or white flowers. The fruit ripening around September and October. This is also the time to look out for fairies, as folklore says the fruit is used by fairies to make themselves invisible and hide.

This beautiful, versatile and symbolic shrub makes my heart sing, it lifts the spirits and brightens my days and not only that it provides me with the visual material to draw and paint.