• The Pondering of an Artist

Nature's Harvest

The season is changing from summer to autumn and with that change comes new beginnings and abundance. Mother Earth is providing us with her gifts a plenty. Whilst walking my dog everyday I have observed the hedgerows starting to pop with berries and the nuts are falling from the trees. Being new to foraging I decided to invest in some books which tell me what to forage, where and when. I have found sloes from the blackthorn trees, Rosehips, with their high content of vitamin C, Hawthorn berries & Elderberries. There is so much more out there, which can be used for jams, jellies, and syrups. Their health benefits are amazing, not only are they great in preserves but the medicinal purposes are staggering. I have much research to do. There is a plethora of information out there and it has inspired me to plan my herb garden for next year.

Blackberries are my favourite and I have many childhood memories of going out with my Mum and Grandmother to pick the blackberries on a Sunday afternoon. Stained fingers that inevitably got stung by nettles and getting caught on the thorny branches whilst reaching to the top of the bushes for the best and juiciest berries. The big ones that caught the best of the summer sun. Carrying them home in old ice cream tubs or a bag stuffed in our pockets. not all of them made it home, many were eaten straight from the bush. Only ever from the top though as dog walkers will tell you. My Nan was an amazing cook and would bake us crumbles and pies and always with custard.

Whilst walking Audrey yesterday evening, as the sun was setting I had an impromptu blackberry picking session. How lucky are we to have these fruits so close to home. I didn't pick lots, just enough for breakfast and to make a crumble. We must remember to leave some for the birds and wildlife and of course for others. I can always go out again. It was such a lovely quiet evening and I made many observations. Whilst enjoying the solitude I noticed how the light has changed, the sun being lower in the sky, the grass was damp as the dew was setting. The buzzards were circling above and calling to each other and as I walked back home with my blackberries I breathed in the air and looked up to the sky. The clouds were backlit from the sun showing me the most beautiful apricot coloured sunset. It filled me with gratitude and appreciation for the Earth and for what she provides, the changing of the seasons, the wildlife and to be able to unplug and get outside into nature.