• The Pondering of an Artist

Awakening Joy.....


One of my earliest memories was as a pre-school child eagerly waiting for my turn in the art room at play school. Waiting for my name to be called to go and paint, standing at an easel that was taller than me. Wearing one of my Dad’s old shirts, back to front, the sleeves being rolled up and getting covered in paint. Paint in pots of bright primary colours and big wooden paint brushes that made such nice markings on the paper. The smell of the paint, the mixing of the colours. No pre-conceived ideas of what to paint, just pattern making, expressing myself through art and pure pleasure. I have had the passion to draw and paint from a very young age and although have never taken any formal qualification in art, I have taken inspiration from other artists. These talented individuals have provided me with the desire to keep going. They have motivated me through their stories and accomplishments without even knowing the positive impact they have had on my life.

I am going to share with you the teachers who have given me many lollipop moments. A lollipop moment is one in which your words or actions positively influence those around you. A special moment where an individual shapes another individual’s life, but may not even realise it. A positive impact for which I am grateful. So, I guess, I am paying my newly learned wisdom forward. If you have a desire to paint and don’t know where to start or just want to appreciate another’s artwork and talent then check out these four amazing artists. These fabulous teachers share their secrets to help you be the best you can. I have learned what brushes to use, what paints and colours to have in my palette and different techniques. Each artist, through their classes, websites and books share their wisdom and knowledge so you can express yourself creatively through watercolour and enjoy the power of painting. For me, art is healing, it keeps me going and helps me find peace in the everyday.

Anna Mason Art - a watercolour artist & online tutor.


Billy Showell - a botanical artist & online tutor. Co-President of The Society of Botanical Artists.


Sandrine Maugy - botanical artist, illustrator & author.


Jane Davies - a watercolour artist specialising in pet portraits and wildlife.